We've created these parts manuals so that you can get a better understanding of how our tools work and in the event of an issue how to troubleshoot.  AAT tools are designed for endurance and these roadmaps will help you navigate during your journey with AAT.  If you have a question, please contact us for help.

Here are the manuals available:

Reversible 2 Series Stall
ARS2LS-H040 Parts List
ARSD2A-M085 Parts List

Reversible 3 Series Stall
ARS3A-M053 Parts List
ARS3LS-M110 Parts List
ARSD3FA-M325 Parts List

2 Series Stall
AS2L-H043 Parts List
AS2L-H040 Parts List
AS2LS-H012 Parts List

3 Series Stall
ASD3L-M135-P Parts List

Reversible 2 Series Shut-Off

2 Series Shut-Off