Manufacturing and Assembly

ASD3L-M135_NorthCoast_1-MINI For a steel 55 gallon drum manufacturer we engineered a tool to replace impact guns resulting in low cycle time, increased accuracy (from +/-30% with Impact Guns down to +/- 5% with American Assembly Tools), reduced worker fatigue and injury, and reduced maintenance expense.
Drum-Plug-Tools-5-MINI For steel 55 gallon drum manufacturers and refillers we have developed tools for installing and removing plugs with speed and accuracy to + or – 5% around a range of torques.
Newman-Hynek_3-MINI Automotive Supplier – AAT tools with Offset heads and PAC™, Pressure Activated Cylinders, were installed in an automated manufacturing cell to reduce cycle time, achieve required torque accuracy, and perform the operation thousands of cycles per day.

Oil and Gas

ARS3A-M475-#3-MINI Syncrude – We designed a high torque right angle output, ARS3A-M475 – Pneumatic Reversible Stall 3 Series Motor Right Angle Output that is Manually Controlled 475 NM 50 RPM, that is used to operate valves in the harsh environment of the Canadian Oil Sands.
APD2A-M240-MOV-Wilson_4-MINI BP Thunderhorse – AAT Speed Shift™ high torque tools are used to operate valves on the largest oil platform in the world.


ARS3A-M210-Industrial-Air-Tools_3-MINI AAT supplies several pneumatic tools to the mining industry in Australia as well as North American Coal.

Plant Equipment

Claudio-Tool-Application-Nov-2013-MINI We have designed tools to operate as an integral part of large capital equipment.