Annual audits and calibration

To ensure consistent performance, we recommend yearly calibration for all of our units. We have developed a highly accurate calibration routine and we perform the following services on every calibration:

  • Check-in and initial inspection – We inventory every box and give your unit an initial inspection to look for any major problems
  • History Check – We have record of every calibration done at our facility from the beginning. We can instantly evaluate the history of your unit to determine the proper preventative maintenance that is needed and schedule the service immediately.
  • Clean-up and operational inspection – The unit is cleaned and tested for proper operation.
  • Repair and preventative maintenance (if needed) – Any service to the unit is performed at this stage (o-rings replaced, bearings replaced, repairs made etc.)
  • Calibration using equipment specifically designed to calibrate AAT units – Our test bench has been designed to do one thing – make sure that your unit is performing accurately!
  • Certification processing – We provide a certificate with each finished calibration. With our name on it, you can rest assured that the unit left our facility in proper working condition.
  • Need a replacement certificate? We have the latest report on every unit we calibrate