American Assembly Tools is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our tools are fully Made in the USA. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in designing, machining, and assembling high precision tools.

Our Values

  • We listen
  • We respond quickly
  • We continuously innovate
  • We solve your problemsW
  • e consult, design, machine, assembly, install pneumatic tools.
  • We deliver products...on-time, with high quality, at a competitive price.

American Assembly Tools

Our Specialties (Fast, Flexible, Rugged, and Reliable)

American Assembly Tools Inc. (AAT), manufactures, sells and services a full line of in-line and angle nut runners with torque ratings from 10 Nm to 2000 Nm. We offer a variety of operator and automatic shut-off controls that makes it easy to integrate our products into the simplest or most complex assembly system.

Speed-Shift™ nutrunners are the headliners of AAT's product line. AAT combines Speed-Shift™ with high torque gearing to provide remarkable increases in productivity. High torque nutrunners are notoriously slow. 25 rpm at 1000 Nm is typical. With AAT's Speed-Shift™, 250 rpm is possible at 2000 Nm. With speeds that are 3 to 20 times faster, energy consumption is one third to one tenth that of conventional air or electrical tools. With this simple mechanism, the tool downshifts from a high rundown speed to a slower speed for final tightening. Shifting is dependent only on torque and is completely automatic. We also offer Speed-Shift™ nutrunners equipped with our special Flat-Angle designs to fit into restricted spaces with torque output as high as 2000 Nm.

We are a member of the Triad Capital Group of Companies along with Total Automation.  Dedicated to manufacturing in the US