The AAT Advantage – Fast, Flexible, Rugged, Reliable

Speed Shift™ is automatic gearing that runs down a fastener several times faster than other tools.

  • 135 NM Tools Operate at 800 RPM from 0 NM to 22 NM then 200 RPM to 135 NM
  • 660 NM Tools Operate at 230 RPM from 0 NM to 73 NM then 30 RPM to 660 NM
  • 1,350 NM Tools Operate at 67 RPM from 0 to 215 NM then 19 RPM to 1,350 NM
  • 2,100 NM Tools Operate at 57 RPM from 0 to 280 NM then 12 RPM to 2,100 NM
  • Double Speed Shift™ is available in some higher torque applications as well.


  • 10NM to 2,000NM
  • In-Line, Right Angle, and Offset Heads
  • 40% to 120% around target torque
  • Available in Speed Shift™
  • Available in Forward, Reversible, and Reverse Rotation
  • Each tool is tested prior to shipping and proven to achieve accuracy within 5% of target torque.

Rugged & Reliable

  • AAT stands behind our warranty (click here); however it rarely comes into play.
  • Our tools are used in several harsh environments including underground mining facilities and oil and gas platforms.
  • AAT tools are made primarily from hardened steel and aluminum and designed for consistent performance.