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Fastest Most Energy Efficient Nutrunners

American Assembly Tools Inc. (AAT), manufactures, sells and services a full line of in-line and angle nut runners with torque ratings from 10 Nm to 2000 Nm. We offer a variety of operator and automatic shut-off controls that makes it easy to integrate our products into the simplest or most complex assembly system.

Speed-Shift™ nutrunners are the headliners of AAT's product line. AAT combines Speed-Shift™ with high torque gearing to provide remarkable increases in productivity. High torque nutrunners are notoriously slow. 25 rpm at 1000 Nm is typical. With AAT's Speed-Shift™, 250 rpm is possible at 2000 Nm. With speeds that are 3 to 20 times faster, energy consumption is one third to one tenth that of conventional air or electrical tools. With this simple mechanism, the tool downshifts from a high rundown speed to a slower speed for final tightening. Shifting is dependent only on torque and is completely automatic. We also offer Speed-Shift™ nutrunners equipped with our special Flat-AngleT designs to fit into restricted spaces with torque output as high as 1350 Nm.

AAT offers a NEW ERA in nutrunner technology.

  • 20 Plus Years Experience in Design and Manufacturing of assembly tools
  • 8 Patents
  • Custom Design and Engineering of Nutrunners and Multiple Spindle Machines
  • Hundreds of combinations of motors and controls, gearing and outputs available to create a tool customized to fit your needs

Our product catalog is available online. Please use our product wizard, download our Product Catalog (pdf | 1.1MB), or contact your AAT representative to help you determine what is best suited to fill your needs.

A supplier to a major heavy truck manufacturer attaches a brake backing plate to an axle assembly with eight bolts. The torque is 200 Lb.Ft with a prevailing torque of 20 Lb.Ft. Total fastening time was 2 minutes and 15 seconds with conventional nutrunners. With AAT's Speed-Shift™ nutrunners, the total fastening time was reduced by 70% to 40 seconds and air consumption was reduced by 60%.

For more information about how American Assembly Tools can create a customized pneumatic nut runner, electric nutrunner, or assembly tool, CALL (216) 464-9434.

Fastest Most Energy Efficient Nutrunners


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